Do You Suffer From ‘Miracle Overwhelm’?

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Do you suffer from ‘miracle overwhelm’? 

Miracle overwhelm happens when you are inspired by ‘miracle’ healing stories (people who have cured themselves from a chronic illness) and you’ve tried the various methods that are recommended so you can experience the same.

But after a (long or very long) while you’re not experiencing the healing ‘miracle’ you were inspired by and start to feel disillusioned. You either start forcing yourself to find THE answer, THE solution, to experience healing yourself. Quickly.

Or you lose faith and trust in hardly any method that’s out there and healing stories start to annoy you.

Your life is practically consumed by miracle overwhelm and its all you’re pretty much thinking about.

It can be heart breaking.

No. Correction.

It can be fucking heart breaking.

Particularly if you’ve applied loads of different healing methods before. From alternative therapies to conventional treatments. And the results haven’t changed all that much.

You feel at a loss and don’t know which direction to take anymore or what to do next. Eager and desperate for a miracle to finally come your way.

What do you do?

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5 Simple Steps to Purposefully Creating Joy in Your Life Despite Chronic Illness

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Now there’s a thing when you’re dealing with a chronic illness, right?

Chronic illness can sometimes be very difficult, very overwhelming and very consuming that there seems very little to be joyful about.

I could feel so incredibly pissed off when other people were enjoying themselves or told me about things they did they enjoyed so much. Oh how I used to find that so difficult.

And oh how I used to feel like such a victim.

Yes, that can be tough to hear, but I am telling you this as it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have learned that joy starts Read the rest of this entry »

How You Are So Much More Than Chronic Illness

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I remember my first time.. Do you remember yours? When your doctor explained you had a chronic illness? Receiving that conclusive and convincing confirmation can often be a mixture of shock, disbelief and dread.

Suddenly your whole world is different. You’re confronted with instant fear. You have tons of questions. And you leave with so much uncertainty.

You ask yourself: what now? What’s going to happen next? Will my body deteriorate more and more? Will I be able to continue work?

Personally I was in a positive and naïve state of disbelief, as I would describe it. I just thought, okay, well, just give me a pill or some kind of remedy and I’ll be fine. It will be over. Not strange really, considering that this is how it happened before in the past when I experienced little ailments.

The fact that this was labelled chronic and meant, in conventional medicine, not curable, was something my brain did not compute with. I was stunned if anything, because I had been very healthy all that time.

But what hit me the most, and I believe is what influences all who are confronted with this kind of experience the most, is the certainty and authority of the doctors and specialists who tell you (quite often) that there is no cure and that it is indefinite.

This is what causes a major problem.

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Are You Prone To Chronic Illness? Find Out Here

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Can anyone be prone to chronic illness? The answer is very simply yes. But… I’m not talking about DNA or heredity. Nor does that mean by the way you can’t experience healing in your life. On the contrary.

There is one very simple explanation why anyone can be prone to chronic illness. And it is still a reason which is known to very few people.. Once you know what it is, a lot in your life is going to make sense and will open you up to new possibilities of healing.

Many medically trained people do not know the reason, and once they do know they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to integrate it into an approach that is healing and nurturing for the person they are treating.

This for the simple reason that in the current medical model a person (a body) is seen and treated as a machine. Seen and treated as parts.

A person is not seen as a system: an organic and holistic system. And the reason why someone is prone to a chronic illness is part of the holistic system and does not fit in the awareness of the current medical approach. 

And the reason is this..

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Ever Feel Really Lonely? Here’s How Chronic Illness can HELP You.

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Do you ever feel lonely? I mean really really lonely? So isolated from the world that you cease to believe that anyone or this universe cares about you? Chronic illness may seem the enemy in this picture, even the cause of this isolation, but this is a misconceived idea. Here’s how chronic illness is actually here to help you release the cause of loneliness and isolation.

It can be so heart breaking. That feeling of being all alone and feeling utterly unloved and unlovable.

Boy, did I used to feel that a lot! And on occasion my ego can still trick me into believing it’s true.

First, of all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that when you’re dealing with the pains and debilitations of a chronic illness, you’re not able to do all the things you like to do.

You are less mobile and have less energy. Sometimes to the point that all you did in a  day was lie on your bed.

Little chance then of being in other people’s company and doing what you love. And bigger chance of feeling more blue.

Secondly, the information out there about chronic illness is mostly so negative, that it’s easy to feel downhearted and without much hope.

This information is  predominantly focussed on the painful symptoms, medications (and possible side effects) and what is no longer possible.

It takes away all feelings of freedom and enjoyment of life.

Depressing indeed!

However, what most of these information leads fail to mention and are completely unaware of is Read the rest of this entry »

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