How To Trust Your Body When Experiencing A Chronic Illness

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When you’re dealing with a chronic illness it can feel like your body has abandoned you and isn’t your own anymore. For how can your own body produce such an amount of pain or fatigue or disability? How can you ever trust your body again, if you’ve ever trusted your body before at all?

Your own body can feel like your personal enemy with a chronic illness and the connection you felt with your body may disappear altogether. You can lose complete faith in your body and its ability for healing.

And this is understandable and actually very easily explained for 2 simple reasons.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis – The Resurrection of You

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[Rising Phoenix by Keith Agcaoili]

Easter is here. A time when generally speaking the story is told and celebrated of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A story of light after dark. Of joy after pain. And of rebirth.

In every way it is similar to the healing journey of rheumatoid arthritis.

There is pain to start with, hardship and disbelief. Dealing and struggling with the reality of RA and the impact and changes rheumatoid arthritis has on your everyday life and your future.

But then, if you choose, there is a renewed sense of joy, of deeper understanding, of love and of forgiveness.

The light after the dark.

The rebirth of you.

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The Reason Rheumatoid Arthritis Is In Your Life

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You know, in all the years rheumatoid arthritis has been in my life, from the very beginning I always wondered why RA had come into my experience. I knew in my heart there had to be a reason. And that there had to be a way to heal it.

It’s been 15 ½ years and I have looked pretty much everywhere. In the beginning I looked into various alternative therapies like acupuncture, Chinese herbs, magnets, diets, detoxes and kinesiology to name a few. Plus applied medical treatments as well.

These methods can definitely support and enhance your health and well-being and each of these have their purpose and benefit. However, the one thing that is lacking and the one thing these approaches  do not address is the one thing that I have come to believe is the main reason something painful like rheumatoid arthritis ‘appears’ in our lives.

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1 Powerful Tip For Creating Breakthrough Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

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When you’re looking to experience healing for rheumatoid arthritis and it’s not happening or you don’t like the progress you’re making, you’re struggling. You can get upset, frustrated or sad.

This then can bring you into even deeper feelings of distress. And so the spiral goes down and now you’re way off your healing mark.

Resisting RA is only a ‘natural’ human reaction. After all, who likes the pain and the challenges rheumatoid arthritis can bring to your daily life?

The resistance to RA- to what is happening to you now, to what has happened in your past and how your life has changed since perhaps many years- can build up tremendously. It can be huge.

But, it is exactly this resistance that keeps you from creating and experiencing healing. So, how to break through and be in an upward spiral?

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The Biggest Cause For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Watch this video to discover the biggest cause of rheumatoid arthritis:

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