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Imagine what it’s like to experience more joy, health, peace and well-being..



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Dear RA friend,

Do you recognise any of the following?


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You feel guilty for having to cancel yet another meet up with your friends and wonder how long they will accept and understand your situation. You feel isolated and depressed as you’re staying in once again . You feel like you’re missing out on all the fun and your life is passing you by.

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You feel insecure when you meet someone you like, thinking they would not possibly want to go out with someone like you. You feel unattractive and embarrassed about how your body looks. And with hardly any energy to spare, you’re worried that they will leave you sooner or later. You wonder if you will ever enjoy the love of someone special.

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You feel unsupported and frustrated after another unproductive meeting with your reumy. You’re not responding well to medications, yet your reumy makes it seem that there is something wrong with you and tells you there is nothing else they can do to help. You end up doubting yourself, wondering if maybe there is something wrong with you.

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You’re tired of the physical, medical and emotional “RA roller coaster” and you want a change! You’re looking for a healing approach to rheumatoid arthritis that embraces and nourishes the whole of your being. An approach that integrates the body, mind & spirit and heals pain on a much deeper level, so you can experience more health and joy in your life again.


I know how you feel. Hi, my name is Nicole Nyqvist. Allow me to introduce myself..

About 15 years ago I was told I had rheumatoid arthritis and I was shocked. I kept thinking that surely RA was not supposed to happen to someone at the age of 27? I had been healthy and physically in very good shape for years. So, how was this possible?

The rheumatologist couldn’t give me any answers. She simply told me that there was no cure and she recommended I started medical treatment immediately. But in my heart I felt there had to be something more. Something that explained where RA came from and how to heal it.

I started exploring and became my own researcher/ doctor/ analyst/ specialist. I was determined to find a cure and chose the alternative route. What followed were acupuncture, kinesiology, detoxes, diets, Chinese herbs, vitamin supplements, magnets and countless research via the internet and books. I can’t even remember all the things I tried back then.

But none of these natural remedies helped me. Nor did any of the medications I took later on bring any lasting relief (not to mention some unpleasant side effects I experienced). It made no sense to me. And to make things worse, the pain I experienced was so immense, I could no longer do the work I enjoyed so much. I didn’t know what to do. Was it not possible to heal or was I missing something?

Then one day I found the missing link. I went to a lecture and it was explained how the physical world is not solid, but fluid, existing of information and energy. And the physical world is influenced by us. There is a natural structure in this universe. It’s the source of and in which all exists. And each one of us are a unique expression of this universe. So, when we are out of alignment with this natural structure and our unique expression- our authentic selves- we block the natural flow of energy, and emotional and physical suffering occurs.

n.nyqvistThis crucial foundation led me on the path to deep healing. I started applying healing methods that embraced these principles and step by step I began healing parts of myself that were causing severe pain and suffering in my life. I discovered that I unknowingly had been preventing myself from allowing to receive the health, well-being and love I desperately wanted. During this healing process my intuitive and psychic skills developed and my life’s purpose became clear to me. Today I feel more peaceful than ever before and I’m able to enjoy more health and well-being again since RA came into my life.

How? I discovered that in order to heal, rheumatoid arthritis must be listened to, instead of suppressed. RA has a clear message that is key to your personal healing process and well-being.

You can discover the personal message RA has for you. By connecting with rheumatoid arthritis I can pick up information that is currently hidden from your conscious awareness that is blocking the natural flow of your energy. Once you are aware and embrace RA’s message your pain starts to transform and deep healing occurs. You live more in alignment with your authentic self and the natural structure of the universe. And this is when you experience more love, health and joy in your life. With that in mind it is important to realise that..


Deep Healing Is A Deeply Personal Journey


From a holistic healing approach rheumatoid arthritis is a message that is being expressed through the body. Something that is out of alignment with your authentic self surfaces in the form of dis-ease in your body as rheumatoid arthritis. This is so you can help restore the natural balance in your body.

Each human being is unique. Therefore each healing journey is unique. Despite the similar physical structure and emotional needs, a person’s experience of life is completely his or her own. Each person has a totally unique blue print. This is why its difficult to predict how quickly or how specifically healing will manifest for someone.

However, once you embark on the journey of deep healing, the end result is always more joy, peace and well-being. When you align with your authentic self and work in harmony with the life information of the universe, you know that the healing you experience will be exactly right for you. You experience a connection with and love for yourself like you’ve never known before or have long forgotten. You enjoy greater fulfilment in your relationships, work and life. Even find your life’s purpose.

In order to experience deep healing all following key elements must be included:



A reading contains these elements , because it works with the universe, includes the message of rheumatoid arthritis and aligns with your unique authentic self. When integrating these elements you open up the natural flow of energy that creates health and dissolves pain.


A RA Reading Includes All The Essential Natural Elements That Help You Experience Deep Healing



This reading is indeed my truth Nicole and I thank you for presenting it to me in a gentle and loving way. You have a wonderful talent and have already changed my life. Thank you.


K. Harvey, Dolphin Healer, UK, www.karlharvey.com



Imagine what it’s like when..

groene vinkYou feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for yourself and your body. You heal pain and trauma from deep within your body and you are open to receive more health and well-being.

groene vinkYou experience less struggle and more ease in your life. You effectively release stress, fear and negativity from your system and help restore your body’s natural self-healing ability.

groene vinkYou enjoy greater harmony and balance- physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. You transform pain into inner peace, joy and love. You feel deeply connected to your authentic being and your purpose in life.

groene vinkYou experience deep healing. Your body, mind and spirit are realigned and healthy energy flows freely through your entire system that touches and enriches all areas of your life. You feel revitalised and a deep sense of calm.

With a RA Reading you can experience this!



Dear Nicole, ..I’m just feeling better about myself overall.
The word that’s coming up is more “valuable”. I’m kinder and nicer to myself – especially when I make mistakes. I’m making better choices most of the time just because I want to.
That is a good feeling.

I’m really grateful to you and want to thank you for a helpful session. Your work is a gift to the world. Blessings, Laura.


L. S. Deter, Sales Director, USA, www.marykay.com



Nicole’s reading for me was very illuminating.

The feedback she gave me about certain issues that concerned me was spot on and its working out well so far. Other information she gave me confirmed what I had been suspecting, which was amazing and has been really useful for me in dealing with these matters.

I liked how Nicole clearly explained the whole process to me. This made me feel comfortable and at ease. I also thought the reading was well-managed and above all enjoyable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone who wishes to gain more awareness and receive detailed personal guidance.

E. Thyne, Musician, Ireland

How A RA Reading Works


You can benefit from a personal reading with me anywhere in the world.

1. questionnaireAfter you request a reading with me, you receive a short questionnaire in which you can ask specific questions you may have related to the reading. (if you don’t have a specific question, that’s okay too).

2. Upon receipt of the questionnaire I email to let you know when I will do your reading. I work in harmony with the rhythm of energy and do your reading when the energy is at its strongest, so you can get the most out of your reading. A reading can take between 45 minutes to over an hour. During the reading you do not have to be physically present, nor do you have to do anything specifically or differently. You can simply go about your day as usual.

3. easy-listeningI connect with your authentic self, Source and rheumatoid arthritis to discover the personal healing message RA has for you and receive guidance about your submitted questions how to then best apply this to experience greater healing in your life.

4. You receive a downloadable MP3 recording of your reading for you to listen to.

5. We correspond via email to schedule a mutually convenient time for a 30-minute call together via Skype (if you do not have a Skype account you receive details how to create a Skype account. It’s very easy to do and it’s completely free).

nnyqvist on phone36. You and I connect via Skype for our 30-minute call together. You’ll have time to ask any questions you may have related to the reading. During the call I also give spiritual counselling on any issues that may have come up for you because of the reading. This way all your questions and concerns are addressed and you have a clear understanding of Source’s guidance for you and how to implement it.


These Components Of The Reading Give You Everything You Need To Experience More Joy, Health, Peace And Well-Being In Your Life

But I like to give you that little bit extra to maximise your healing experience. You additionally receive the following:

1. After our call you receive a second downloadable MP3 recording of our conversation together. This way you have a complete set of recordings of your RA Reading you can go back and listen to as often as you like.

2. I send a follow-up email after a week or so. Often times with many healers there is no contact anymore after a private session. However, I like to see how you are and I know how valuable and healing it is to be able to share your new insights and experiences.



Are You Ready To Discover The Message of Rheumatoid Arthritis And Embark On Your Journey of Deep Healing?

A personal RA Reading supports you in releasing pain, helping restore the natural balance in your body and increasing peace and well-being for your whole being.




Thanks so much for your reading, Nicole. I definitely feel much better and I am also more clear with what I want to do next.

Because of the reading I am now certain I am going to take the course I’ve been thinking of taking for a long while and look forward to start teaching as well.

Also, it was not until you mentioned that I consciously realized that I was still carrying frustration and anger with me. I am now taking actions to release this.

Really thanks for the session, it has helped me be very clear and move forward towards the kind of future I really want.


E. Oropeza, Mexico



A RA Reading Is For Those Who Are Looking To Integrate A Holistic Healing Approach To Rheumatoid Arthritis That Reconnects And Heals The Body, Mind And Spirit

A RA Reading is not for everyone. It involves healing on a deeper level which requires an open mind and willingness to explore your innermost self and the blocks that obstruct your healing. That’s why it’s important to check below if a reading is for you.


Who it’s not for

A RA Reading is not for you if you:

  • Want to blame other people and circumstances for your own ill-being and unhappiness

  • Have no interest in creating a loving connection with your authentic self and the universe

  • Are not willing to create change within yourself and want to hold onto rheumatoid arthritis despite the difficulties this presents in your life. (if so, no hard feelings. There was a time when I wasn’t ready to face RA and it took me a while before I realised it was the only way to experience deep healing)


Who it’s for

A RA Reading is for you if:

  • You want feel safe and loved to express who you really are

  • You want to relieve fear, depression and pain

  • You want to increase your body’s natural self-healing ability

  • You want to be clear about the choices or changes that are best for you to successfully further your healing

  • You want to feel stronger and more confident about yourself

  • You want to release stress and have more energy

  • You want to experience more inner peace and joy in your life

  • You are ready to experience deep healing!




Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your reading [for my husband]. There is so much I could say, but I think it is best not to cloud your readings right now with factual details. I will say that your energy read around [the issue] was spot on. I’ll tell you that story at some point.

I think you will be shocked and thrilled to hear how you read that perfectly. It was like you knew the story which you don’t.

He was holding on to something in the past, and I have known and felt that for a long time. He got it when you shared it in a way he can’t hear from me. Thank you.

Liz Nicklas, Liz Nicklas Coaching, USA, www.coachliznicklas.com


Ready To Experience Deep Healing?

A RA Reading has a total value of €375. This includes the reading itself, the personal emails, our private call together, the mp3 recordings and a personal follow up.



Yes, I’m Ready for Deep Healing!

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You will be taken to a Paypal webpage for secure payment processing. A Paypal account is not required. Upon receipt of your payment you will receive a confirmation by email, plus all the information you need for your reading to commence.

Upon your purchase there is a statutory cooling off period which applies to internet purchases. This means that you have up to 14 days after purchase to revoke your purchase and are entitled to a refund of the amount paid. All you have to do is contact us and request a full refund.

When you make a purchase you agree with the terms of agreement.


Money-Back Guarantee

I very much look forward to revealing the healing message rheumatoid arthritis has for you for greater well-being and fulfilment in your life. My promise to you is simple: If you don’t experience healing insight and authentic Truth in your reading, you can let me know within 48 hours after our call together and I will promptly refund you.



Deep healing can be challenging, so please take a moment and feel within that you’re ready to experience deep healing. If a RA Reading is right for you, it will bring you profound insights and healing for living a more joyful and healthier life.



Yes, I’m Ready for Deep Healing!

only €375 excl. vat
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I look forward to giving you the experience of deep healing!

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Nicole Nyqvist

P. s. When you say ‘yes’ to a RA Reading you’re saying ‘yes’ to the deep healing, joy and well-being your body and authentic self want for you. And you are worth that!

P. p. s. It took me many painful years to discover that rheumatoid arthritis contained a healing message for me that I needed to embrace and was key to experiencing deep healing in my life. You don’t have to spend years and only have to pay a fraction of what I have invested during my search to integrate this healing method to start creating deep healing for yourself. If I could change anything about the decisions I made in my healing journey, I would do one thing differently: listen to the healing message of RA sooner!





Disclaimer: Any review or other matter that could be regarded as a testimonial or endorsement on this page represent the anecdotal experience of individual consumers and do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any reading or consultation.