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Do You Suffer From ‘Miracle Overwhelm’?

Do you suffer from ‘miracle overwhelm’?  Miracle overwhelm happens when you are inspired by ‘miracle’ healing stories (people who have cured themselves from a chronic illness) and you’ve tried the various methods that are recommended so you can experience the same. But after a (long or very long) while you’re not experiencing the healing ‘miracle’ …

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5 Simple Steps to Purposefully Creating Joy in Your Life Despite Chronic Illness

Enjoyment. Now there’s a thing when you’re dealing with a chronic illness, right? Chronic illness can sometimes be very difficult, very overwhelming and very consuming that there seems very little to be joyful about. I could feel so incredibly pissed off when other people were enjoying themselves or told me about things they did they …

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How You Are So Much More Than Chronic Illness

I remember my first time.. Do you remember yours? When your doctor explained you had a chronic illness? Receiving that conclusive and convincing confirmation can often be a mixture of shock, disbelief and dread. Suddenly your whole world is different. You’re confronted with instant fear. You have tons of questions. And you leave with so much …

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Are You Prone To Chronic Illness? Find Out Here

Can anyone be prone to chronic illness? The answer is very simply yes. But… I’m not talking about DNA or heredity. Nor does that mean by the way you can’t experience healing in your life. On the contrary. There is one very simple explanation why anyone can be prone to chronic illness. And it is …

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Ever Feel Really Lonely? Here’s How Chronic Illness can HELP You.

Do you ever feel lonely? I mean really really lonely? So isolated from the world that you cease to believe that anyone or this universe cares about you? Chronic illness may seem the enemy in this picture, even the cause of this isolation, but this is a misconceived idea. Here’s how chronic illness is actually …

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