New Articles, Videos & Audios Now Available On My New Website: Perfect Authentic Me

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Dear RA friend,

From now on all new articles, videos and audios are going to be available on my new website PerfectAuthenticMe.com- from chronic illness to a fulfilled life.

Perfect Authentic Me brings you a positive healing approach to chronic illness that embraces and nourishes the whole of your being and supports the unique beautiful woman that you are. Transforming chronic illness into deep healing, joy and well-being for body, mind & spirit.

Download my FREE report & audio From Chronic Illness to Joy & Well-Being and learn 5 powerful steps and new healing insights specifically designed to help you discover:

  • How to effectively deal with feelings of depression, anger, hurt or frustration 
  • How to experience a loving connection with your body and yourself
  • How to attract genuine support and love in your life
  • What NOT to do if you want to transform chronic illness into deep healing and experience more ease
  • How to effectively deal with hurtful remarks and behaviour from others
  • And much more..

RA-Evolution.com will still be available for some time yet, so you can go through as much material as you like that’s available here. However, this won’t be permanent and it’s good to know that all the material on this site is also available now on Perfect Authentic Me.

I look forward to inspire and support you further on Perfect Authentic Me to help you create a fulfilled life from a place of (self)love, compassion and connection with your essence. See you on my new website!

To your perfect authentic self,

Nicole xo



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